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Alex Mwadime
Alexander Africa Safaris is both a Calumniation and a start. A calumniation of the years of dreams and the desire to shown and guide visitors to Africa.
It’s from the safari experience that I decided to set up Alexander Africa Safaris Company in Mombasa Kenya.
Alex has for year crises crossed the range of Africa as a professional safari cook a safari camp manager and finally as a professional tours and safari operator.
My Experience in these vast expanses of Africa natured my individual dreams of sharing the adventures, sight scenery, wildlife and people with those of your who would really appreciate Africa in its pure natural splendor without the trappings of luxury this coming from Alex a bonafide safari verlonder sums up the essence of Alexander Africa safari.
However Alexander Africa is not limited in its scope .I have through my experience realized the diverse varied interests of visitors to Africa have adopted all of them at Alexander Africa safaris and my style budgets and programmers to meet the requirement of the most deserving and adventurous traveler whether on a budgets camping safari, a middle budget safari or a luxury lodge/ camp safari Alexander Africa safaris offers the ultimate in safari design and operation.
This is Kenya Our Country and a pure natural representation of the variables that make Africa see Kenya see Africa with Alexander Africa safaris.


Adverse Continent that is vast both in size and content. A mythical continent which is a complete contrast of the civilized west .a continent where Mother Nature dominates all aspects of life.
Its brown mudded vast rivers flow rapid to the Indian and Atlantic oceans sourcing their waters from great mountains, tropical forests and lakes. Its snow capped mountain tower glittering amid scorching tropical sun. Africa his all types of vegetation include the desert, the tropical rain forest and the savannah grassland where canine predators hunting for survival and the grazers e.g. the giraffes elephants and many other wild animals herds in the scattered bushes in pursuit of survival.
Still Africa where the white sandy beaches along the Kenya coast stretch for miles and other sea sport and marine parks abound .the mystic continent of game reserves and national parks where investors have created game viewing resort in form of lodges and luxury tented camps giving every visitor real comfort and sophistication after the bumpy dusty game viewing drives .where varied accommodation, styles galore even for the most budget strained visitor or the eccentric adventure seeker ,budget camping accommodation bands accommodation all combine well with luxury lodges and tented camps together with complex beach resorts cottages and apartments to give even the most deserving travelers their choice accommodation bases in harmony with individual budgets and styles .This is Africa limitless rugged exiting full of adventure and purely magnificent.
Alexander Africa safaris will guide you through this continent in any style that you or your budget may choose.

Kenya Wildlife

This country hosts more than 80 major species from the big 5 to the tiny antelopes like the dikdik which is no bigger than a rabbit compared to the majestic of a fully grown up eland the largest member of the same family, its with the parks where you can see the predators e.g the lions, leopards and the cheaters’’ and other grazing animal like the antelopes, impales, gazelles’ ,orexy, zebras, warthogs, water back, and many others with the majestic giant the elephant the world largest land creature plods along the time –worn trails carried through these creatures the hunter and the hunted the scavenger and the partite play a great role in this daily show of life and death .
We invite you to the shown and step by step in style and comfort Alexander Africa will guarantee you the most memorable adventure safari ever( welcome).

People Of Kenya
Kenya is inhabited by over 42 tribal group distrusted according to their traditional ways of making a living peculiar tradition characterizes each ethnic community with other folk, whose existence means is similar in the urban area. The population is cosmopolitan with the indigenous Africans living together with the Europeans and the Asians descendants .urban population has a lot of western influence while the rural population is basically tribal in context with traditional practices characterized as framer ,gathers, pastoralist and fishermen like the colorful masaai, samburu and the turukana have maintained their cultures .The lingua franca for all the groups is the Swahili language while the official language is English.
However what groups all the tribes together is their open and friendly attitude towards visitors and any visitor to Kenya will be overwhelmed by the open hospitality.

Thank you for your time and for visiting our web site. Welcome (Karibu) to Kenya

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